6 thoughts on “Roommates: Pat

    • Hi! They are my son’s roommates, (he’s O’Keefe and I have one more to do) They will all be together in one drawing when I’m done. Is that your hair in the picture? It looks awesome?

      • Actually that was my hair a few years ago – thanks for the compliment. I draw too, I’m currently running back to the start learning proportions with a book that explains it in detail. (Learned details before technique, typical right? It’s the excitement. Or in my case what would be commonly understood as ADHD, haha) It opens up a desire to want to convert everyone around you into a drawing, lots of fun.

    • Hello! These are all done on an iPad using the app Procreate. I used to use charcoal for all my drawing, but I’m fully commited to technology now.

      Thank you for taking the time to look at my drawings!

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