The Stylus

I currently own and have used all of the styluses listed below. My obsessive search for a frictionless stylus ended when I remembered (not entirely sentimentally) that my pencils were far from frictionless.

That being said, one of the great advantages of drawing on the iPad is a more friction free experience. It adds a bit of enthusiasm to the lines. Kind of a happy wiggle.


Adonit Jot Pro
My current favorite for drawing. The transparent tip makes it the first stylus I have used that eliminates the uncertainty of where my line will actually appear.

Bamboo Stylus for iPad
My favorite for writing, but also very good for drawing. It is wonderfully slippery.

Cosmonaut by Studio Neat
Love the feel and firmness, but friction was part of what the designers were going for so in the end it only fed my need for faster, easier screen skating.

AluPen by Just Mobile
Great heft and shape. This was my favorite for a couple of months. A surprising period of calm in my stylus universe, but in the end obsessions force us to move on.

Targus stylus for iPad
A nice step from the Pogo for me as it has a more substantial feel, but otherwise unremarkable. This stylus had the shortest tenure as my favorite.

Pogo Sketch
This was my first stylus since the dramatically bearded guy at the Apple store recommended it, but the truth is I’m not looking for a stylus to poke numbers on a phone. I agree with Steve Jobs’ that that would be weird. Many reviews recommend this one for drawing. I felt it was too skinny, and after a bit of use the foam tip grew very skippy.

7 thoughts on “The Stylus

    • I think it’s the best one for detail work. If you are just looking for something that slides around really nice, the Wacom Bamboo is very good.

      I was never able to draw with my finger. Good luck with all your efforts!

  1. Thanks thanks for viewing my blog – find your reviews of stylus types very helpful as I haven’t yet found one that suits me – will try the jot pro now!

  2. BX Sweeney! You have a unique awesome style. I have two great artist friends I’ve watched hone their craft over the last twenty years, and you sir are a fellow great artist. The honor is mine.

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